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I wanted to create a group about how celebs style changes over the years.Here you can post any celebs fashion statements you like or dislike and how there style has changed over the years!

Style Evolution:Kristen Stewart

Posted By angelbeauty on Aug 23, 2009 at 5:20AM

Kristen Stewart's been doing films for aaagges! It's only since Twilight that she's been thrown into the spotlight as one of the most popular teen actors in Hollywood.

You can tell Kristen is pretty young here: a Dunkin Donuts t-shirt to an event?You have to admit its cute :P

A white shirt and jeans, Kristen wouldn't be caught dead in this on the red carpet now!

Kristen trying to look grown up and mature, adorable!

Kristen is just starting to develop her own sense of style here. A cool hat and casual jumper give her a street-style look. As for the midriff though,so '90's! Luckily it was the '90's

Kristen's starting to get older here but she still couldn't give a toss about style and fashion.

She's blonde and she's starting to explore her feminine side ..she looks good!

Kristen continues having fun with a touch of girliness, and she looks really cute!

K-Stew doesn't look 100% comfortable in this tight fitting bandage dress, but she sure does look great.

Twilight premiere after Twilight premiere meant Kristen needed glamorous outfit after glamorous outfit! Again, she still isn't owning the look but what a great dress.

This punk-edge outfit shows Kristen is starting to incorporate some of her own person style into what she wears.

Again, rather than do the whole Hollywood glamazon thing, Kristen dons a a quirky tartan frock.

On yet another Twilight red carpet, Kristen chooses a more feminine, yet still slightly alternative dress.

Good work, Kristen! The perfect mix between Hollywood glam and your own alernative style.

K-Stew looking young, fresh and cool at the MTV awards red carpet!

Celeb Transformation:Sienna Miller

Posted By angelbeauty on Aug 23, 2009 at 4:50AM


The budding model showed off her developing style. "My parents were quite liberal with us, always encouraging us to be our own person and be creative," she has said.


The British TV star sported her trademark long, loose locks. "Undone is done for Sienna," her hairstylist Alex Dizon has said.

She covered herself in jewelry and was free in how she dressed," Miller has said of her style icon, Janis Joplin. "I love that."

The Factory Girl star got her Edie Sedgwick crop without a whimper. "She's very relaxed," makeup artist Kate Lee has said.


The star of Interview and Stardust slipped easily into a regal role. "She wanted to look like a fairy princess," makeup artist Matin has said of her coronet of braids.


Miller returned to her roots with long blond locks and starred in G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.

Transformation:Scarlett Johansson

Posted By angelbeauty on May 19, 2008 at 10:13AM


"I had a rich childhood," the former child actress has said. "A lot of kids growing up have their creativity kind of squashed and not accepted. But I was very lucky—my parents let me do my own thing."


The up-and-comer tries dark locks. "She has fair skin, with a neutral, tan tone, which means she can wear any color," hairstylist Hallie Bowman has said.


"I had a serious Florence Henderson haircut for a while," the actress has said. "There was a total party going on in the back of my head! I had a 'mullet pride' shirt that I wore."


"I went to the Tonys one year and wanted to look like Jean Harlow," she has said of this crimped look. "So I got photos of her from premieres and movies."


"Scarlett has the sexiest mouth on Earth," her makeup artist, Matthew Van Leeuwen, has said.


"Glossy lips are very sexy," Johansson has said. "I wear a lot of lip gloss."

Transformation:Angelina Jolie

Posted By angelbeauty on May 19, 2008 at 8:59AM


Even as a child attending the Academy Awards with father, Jon Voight, she had some unusual habits. "I've collected knives since I was a little girl,” the actress has said. “I love the honor and nobility they represent.”


As a student at Beverly Hills High School, Jolie was an unknown quantity. "I wore black boots with big silver bats that dragged when I walked," Jolie has said. "I wasn't aware of how I looked, but apparently I looked really creepy."


She goes platinum for Girl, Interrupted. Even as her fame increases, she keeps her beauty regimen simple: Carmex and lotion. "Sometimes I'll watch TV and go into a lotion trance for an hour,” she has said.


She wins an Academy Award for Girl, Interrupted and slinks down the red carpet in a black Versace gown. “It’s silky,” she said. “And very me.” Her best accessory? A friend, "making sure my tattoos didn't show."


"Her mouth is so large and beautiful," makeup artist Janeen Schreyer has said of the born beauty. "I usually don't color it." Hairstylist Ted Gibson shows similar restraint: “She loves to keep a natural wave in her hair. It's more sensual."


Although the stunning star has become a mother and international humanitarian, she hasn't settled down. "My life has actually gotten more wild," she has said. "It's more adult, with responsibilities."

Transformation:Kate Hudson

Posted By angelbeauty on May 19, 2008 at 8:17AM


"Ever since I was little I've been like, I have one chance to live this life, so why shouldn't I have the best time?" the star has said. Smile on, baby!


The pretty teen didn't suffer fools gladly. "When I was younger it was difficult to be around people who treated me like a child," Hudson has said.


Hudson stars in the forgettable Desert Blue and Ricochet River, but kick-starts her own career.


The Almost Famous star goes strawberry blonde.


"Her air is less bohemian and more sophisticated and sexy, which is a natural progression as a girl becomes a woman," stylist Britt Bardo has said.


"Her mentality is free and loose," hairstylist David Babaii has said. "She'll say, 'Make it look fun.' And she won't flip out if she has roots."

Transformation:Tyra Banks

Posted By angelbeauty on May 19, 2008 at 7:39AM


Banks modeled couture on the Paris runways, but her daily wardrobe was strictly down-home. "I had on my big overalls, hiking boots, a plaid shirt and no makeup," Banks has said. "I wasn't sleek. I was a bum."


A beautifully braided Tyra Banks learns to do her own makeup backstage at fashion shows. Her favorite look? Lots of mascara and orange blush, "because I have golden skin tones."


"Curling the lashes is essential," makeup artist has said. "I do it all the time on Tyra Banks. It gives the eye a lift, and makes mascara look prettier."


Banks goes high glam as the host of America's Next Top Model, donning "hair weaves and false eyelashes."


The model mogul produces a second TV show: The Tyra Banks Show. Her secret to staying fresh-looking? "I love Vaseline. My mom used it forever and has not a wrinkle on her face."


The ANTM host plays up her green eyes with black liner and smoky shadow.

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Transformation:Heidi Klum

Posted By angelbeauty on May 19, 2008 at 3:56AM


"My parents were both pretty cool," Klum has said of her upbringing. "I was allowed to wear makeup, highlight my hair and have boyfriends."


The brunette stunner used some serious moxie to further her modeling career. "When I started, I was the catalog queen," she has said. "But I just pushed and pushed. I was the biggest pain in the butt."


Blonde and bobbed, Klum smiled for the cameras at the premiere of Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle.


Bold lips and lashes aside, when it comes to beauty, Klum thinks skin. "Heidi's skin is naturally gorgeous, but concealer gives it a flawless finish," makeup artist Sabrina Badrani has said.


Husband Seal, "loves it when my hair is all back," Klum has said. She donned a coronet of braids for the 2006 CFDA awards.


The secret to Klum's standout peepers? Mink eyelashes. "They give you Bambi lashes, not Halloween lashes," she has said.

Transformation:Julia Roberts

Posted By angelbeauty on May 19, 2008 at 3:27AM


The Steel Magnolias star rocks a serious head of curls.


She moves seamlessly from long red locks to a short blond 'do. "Julia has fabulous hair," hairstylist Danilo has said. "It's very responsive and wears any style well."


A fuss-free shag plays up her pixie features. "I like hair that moves," her hairstylist Serge Normant has said.


Her blond locks are low-maintenance but plenty seductive. "I'm beginning to realize you can be comfortable, stylish and, dare I say, pull off a whole sexy thing," Roberts once said.


Big year: Mrs. Danny Moder celebrates her one-year anniversary, Closer and Ocean's Twelve are released and she's a mom to twins!


The Charlie Wilson's War star knows what her public likes: "My hair is a lovely shade of red—long and curly, the way you guys like it."

Transformation: Nicole Kidman

Posted By scotlandrulz on May 18, 2008 at 2:32PM

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Transformation: Reese Witherspoon

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